[rt-users] Performance with many attachments and transactions

Ben Goodwin ben at atomicmatrix.net
Wed Dec 7 22:10:27 EST 2005

 > Indeed - the total ExclSec (24.725) is right on target with 
 > how long it took
 > to display the ticket.
 > It seems alarming that the function taking the least time is 
 > STILL almost a
 > second long.

And that's me just being ignorant.  I ran the display 3 times so both the
above statements are incorrect.

This ticket has 105 transactions, all inline text/html.  I guess it puzzles
me that there are a lot of functions that are called tens of thousands of
times to display 105 transactions and some header info.

MySQL log attached - one run of displaying the ticket in question.

	-=| Ben
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