[rt-users] extremely slow rt response, query hanging

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Thu Dec 8 09:58:10 EST 2005

At Wednesday 12/7/2005 03:54 AM, Harald Wagener wrote:
>One of our users constructed a search on our RT 3.2.2 instance which
>is slowing the system down quite a lot:
>SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT main.id) FROM Tickets main , Transactions
>Transactions_1, Attachments Attachments_2  WHERE ((main.EffectiveId =
>main.id)) AND ((main.Status != 'deleted')) AND ((main.Type =
>'ticket')) AND ((main.Subject LIKE '%Performance%')OR
>( (Attachments_2.Content LIKE '%Performance%')AND 
>(Attachments_2.TransactionId = Transactions_1.id)AND(main.id =
>Transactions_1.Ticket) ) )

For what it's worth, we've experienced this when searching on Subject & 
Content together (RT 3.4.2, Oracle 9). Either a subject search or a content 
search is OK, but not both together. I haven't had time to profile the 
query, so I can't shed any light on a solution.


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