[rt-users] Reply to ticket: This transaction appears to have no content

Brian Benson brian.maillists at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 12:51:05 EST 2005

Hi, I just upgraded to RT 3.4.4 and now I get the same error as Jorg.
I could not find any responses to his problem and I'm hoping that
someone knows how to resolve this.

* The ticket gets created and displays properly in the RT web interface when the
user sends an html mail to the mailgate alias. But the auto reply to
the user says
'This transaction appears to have no content'.  Also ticket
correspondence via email
with html/text reproduces this problem.  plain/text works fine.


>when replying to some tickets normally the content of the transaction is
>shown in the reply.
>On some tickets only the text 'This transaction appears to have no content'
>is shown.
>I think this only occurs with tickets where the transaction contains
>multipart content.
>Is there a way to show the text/plain part in the reply?
>Thanks for help.
>Jörg Eichhorn
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