[rt-users] CreateTickets action fails to execute template

sam.howard at gmxtechnologies.com sam.howard at gmxtechnologies.com
Thu Dec 8 23:01:13 EST 2005

OK, I've figured out a few things ...

It seems that the CreateTickets action *requires* the template start 
with "===Create-Ticket: foo" ... and the active perl parsing happens 
*after* the template is initially read in.

What this means for me is that I can't find any way to create multiple 
tickets via an active perl template.  :(

So, I've tried to switch to plan C and do individual tickets (i.e. 
TransactionCreate instead of TransactionBatch).  However, I can't seem 
to figure out what objects and methods are available to me in the 
template with a CreateTickets action.

Stuff like $Ticket and $Transaction don't seem to be available ... only 

I found a $Tickets{'TOP'}->Transactions(), which does indeed return me 
an object of RT::Transactions, but that doesn't seem to have a Field() 
method like an RT::Transaction would.

All I want to do is find out what the heck the transaction type and 
value are so I can create my subtickets, but that sure isn't going easy.

I'm at the point where I'm just totally shotgun coding, which I hate 
doing, so I'm stopping for the night and hoping for some good news from 
the list tonight!


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