[rt-users] OSX, RT, Perl Oh My!

Robert Marier robert_marier at mcad.edu
Fri Dec 9 15:27:07 EST 2005

Thanks much Steve. 

As far as running the two version of Perl concurrently, is that possible?

The next step after wrapping up the Perl install is to get mod_perl or FAST_CGI installed.  Which is preferred in an OSX environment?

Additionally, what installation method is recommended:  cpan, darwinports, etc?  And which is more maintainable?


On 12/6/2005 3:40 PM, Steve Rieger wrote:

> i installed rt 3.4.4 from source on tiger with no issues,
> you can install darwinports perl as it will install it into /opt/bin 
> and the system perl is in /usr/bin
> just use the cpan thats in /opt/bin and make sure to tell rt to use 
> that one as well,
> also you can more awstats to /opt/bin/perl as i dont believe that it 
> has many dependecies, give it a shot it should work.
> On Dec 6, 2005, at 4:10 PM, Robert Marier wrote:
>> Greetings all.  I'm planning on installing the needed software  packages
>> for RT on OSX via darwinports, as that seems to make the most sense.
>> * Question:
>> We already have Perl installed, but it's too old (v5.8.1).  It was not
>> installed via darwinports.  If I install the newer version, am I going
>> to cause any conflicts with the already installed version? Does the
>> prior version need to be removed? We currently run a stats package
>> (awstats) that makes use of Perl.  I'm mainly concerned about breaking
>> any applications, and making sure RT works properly (heh, who isn't 
>> right?).
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Robert

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