[rt-users] CLI and groups

Christof Hanke hanke at rzg.mpg.de
Mon Dec 12 07:38:01 EST 2005

Hello List,

sorry if this was answered before, but I couldn't find it anywhere.
In RT 3.4.4, the CLI apparently cannot deal with groups, but users are 
fine :

# rt  show -t user 1

works fine :

id: user/1
Name: RT_System
Password: ********
RealName: The RT System itself
Comments: Do not delete or modify this user. It is integral to RT's 
internal database structures

Whereas :

# rt  show -t group 1

gives :

# Unknown object type: group

id: group/1

I am quite puzzled about this since the docs and the book "RT 
Essentials" explicitly say that groups are manageable with the CLI.

Any hints if I'm doing sth wrong ?


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