[rt-users] Scrips firing at will - huh?

Danial Klimkin klimkin at falkag.com
Mon Dec 12 10:43:28 EST 2005

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Greetings Leif!

Leif Nixon wrote:
> Now the strange thing: If a user clicks one of the "Reply" links in
> the history of an unowned ticket (on the ordinary Ticket/Display.html
> page), he gets a notification from the Owner Change scrip that he is
> now the owner of the ticket. Note that this is when he just clicks the
> "Reply" link, before he has actually entered a reply and updated the
> ticket!
> Furthermore, if you at this point cancel the reply and return to the
> ticket display, it turns out that the ticket still is ownerless. It
> has in fact *not* been assigned to the user, but still the Owner
> Change scrip fired.

> Could someone spread some light on this?

I have some troubles with "reply" button before. I used myISAM tables
and got empty transaction right after pressing this button. This issue
fixed by using InnoDB.

Regarding your issue: when pressing "reply" button, RT is creating empty
transaction (I belive it is for some test), then it rollbacks it. (So,
when I used MyIsam, I got empty transaction - myisam supports no
rollback). It appears to me, that when it creates test transaction - you
scrip got executed. It triggers owner change sctip. It posts email...
Than, RT executes rollback and ticket is ownerless again.

Just a guess... May be helpfull.

SY, Danial.
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