[rt-users] Timestamps when logging to a file

Mike Friedman mikef at ack.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Dec 12 19:35:42 EST 2005

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I posted this question last week and haven't received any responses, so I 
figured I'd ask again.  It's not the sort of question that tends to be 
answered in an FAQ or in the RT Essentials book, nor even on the wiki 
(though I'd like to be proven wrong about that).

Here it is again:

I've configured my RT (3.4.2) to log to a file.  When I first set this up, 
I noticed that the timestamps were in GMT, unlike syslog logging (which I 
was using before), that uses local time.

To cause local time to be used in my file logs, I decided to modify RT.pm, 
where the $RT::Logger module is used, to return '[localtime(time)]' 
instead of '[gmtime(time)]'.  I made a copy of RT.pm in local/lib and 
restarted RT.

Now most of the entries in my log file are, indeed, in local time, but 
they are interspersed with messages that are still using GMT.  Is there 
some other place besides RT.pm that I must change in order to get 
consistent local time in my log file?



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