[rt-users] List of all RT_SiteConfig.pm directives...?

Torsten Brumm tob at brummix.de
Tue Dec 13 02:38:39 EST 2005

Hi Brian,

did a small mistake, sorry. The correct values:

# if TrustHTMLAttachments is not defined, we will display them
# as text. This prevents malicious HTML and javascript from being
# sent in a request (although there is probably more to it than that)
Set($TrustHTMLAttachments , undef);


Brian Benson schrieb:

>Does anyone know of a list of all of the directives that one can put
>inside of RT_SiteConfig.pm?  It may be that my RTFM skills are weak,
>but I can not find it anywhere.  Specifically, I am looking for the
>'Parse HTML' Directive that Torsten Brumm posted in the "html
>transaction appears to have no content, revisited" thread.  But I do
>want a complete list.
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