[rt-users] My install on Mac OS X server

Josh Kuperman josh.kuperman at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 10:42:14 EST 2005

I'm trying to get RT-3.4.4 installed on Mac OS X server using the  
built in Apache Server, the supplied Perl, and Postfix email. I think  
I'm making progress but I've hit two things that confuse me, so I'm  
humbly asking for help diagnosing them. Since the system is  
preconfigured to host multiple site, I just enable my support site  
briefly and use apachectl to produce the error messages, which as you  
can see below, it does. Is this a configuration setting - where I  
somehow need to get my RT_SiteConfig file into my path - or is this a  
major problem.

  Also when I try to test my setup by simply sending mail I wound up  
with "Dec 13 10:29:33 secretariat postfix/local[21128]: D7066215CFC3:  
to=<rt at secretariat.saratoga.lib.ny.us>, relay=local, delay=2,  
status=deferred (temporary failure. Command output: An Error Occurred  
=================  302 Found )" Is this a mail setup problem. I'm  
very new to postscript and have a long way to go before my mail is  
set up right, with or without RT.


secretariat:~/Downloads/rt-3.4.4 josh$ sudo -u www apachectl configtest
Processing config directory: /etc/httpd/sites/*.conf
[all the other sites' stuff removed.]

[Tue Dec 13 10:25:50 2005] [error] Can't locate /opt/rt3/etc/ 
RT_SiteConfig.pm in
@INC (@INC contains: /opt/rt3/local/lib /opt/rt3/lib /sw/lib/ 
-thread-multi-2level /sw/lib/perl5/5.8.6 /sw/lib/perl5 /sw/lib/perl5/ 
darwin /Sys
tem/Library/Perl/5.8.6/darwin-thread-multi-2level /System/Library/ 
Perl/5.8.6 /Li
brary/Perl/5.8.6/darwin-thread-multi-2level /Library/Perl/5.8.6 / 
Library/Perl /N
etwork/Library/Perl/5.8.6/darwin-thread-multi-2level /Network/Library/ 
/Network/Library/Perl /System/Library/Perl/Extras/5.8.6/darwin-thread- 
vel /System/Library/Perl/Extras/5.8.6 /Library/Perl/5.8.1/darwin- 
evel /Library/Perl/5.8.1 . /usr/ /usr/lib/perl) at /opt/rt3/lib/RT.pm  
line 131.\
nBEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /opt/rt3/bin/webmux.pl line 76. 
on failed in require at (eval 6) line 1.\n
Syntax error on line 9 of /etc/httpd/sites/ 
Can't locate /opt/rt3/etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm in @INC (@INC contains: / 
l/lib /opt/rt3/lib /sw/lib/perl5/5.8.6/darwin-thread-multi-2level /sw/ 
5.8.6 /sw/lib/perl5 /sw/lib/perl5/darwin /System/Library/Perl/5.8.6/ 
d-multi-2level /System/Library/Perl/5.8.6 /Library/Perl/5.8.6/darwin- 
i-2level /Library/Perl/5.8.6 /Library/Perl /Network/Library/Perl/ 
read-multi-2level /Network/Library/Perl/5.8.6 /Network/Library/Perl / 
ary/Perl/Extras/5.8.6/darwin-thread-multi-2level /System/Library/Perl/ 
.6 /Library/Perl/5.8.1/darwin-thread-multi-2level /Library/Perl/ 
5.8.1 . /usr/ /u
sr/lib/perl) at /opt/rt3/lib/RT.pm line 131.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /opt/rt3/bin/webmux.pl line 76.
Compilation failed in require at (eval 6) line 1.

Josh Kuperman
josh.kuperman at gmail.com

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