[rt-users] Requestor self-resolving a ticket gets undone

Ken Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Tue Dec 13 14:10:02 EST 2005


       Have you tried letting the role of requestor have the right to 
own and modify a ticket? If the requestor can see it, own it, reply to 
it and modify it, then the requestor should be able to change the 
status. That's my idea anyway.


Eric Horne wrote:

> I'd like to have RT allow requestors to resolve their own tickets.. 
> For example, sometimes someone submits a ticket and then realizes 
> there isn't really a problem -- users have asked for the ability to 
> resolve such a ticket.
> Everything I've tried, I've been able to have the requestor change the 
> state to resolved via the SelfService. However, immediately after 
> that, the ticket gets reopened. In order for the resolve to stick, the 
> user must provide a comment.
> We have the standard Scrip #1, which is re-open the ticket on 
> correspondence. I've modified the condition to only fire this scrip if 
> the Type is Correspond and the Transaction Creator is a Requestor. It 
> works fine.
> I suspect that Scrip #1 is re-opening the ticket after it's been 
> resolved because of the comment correspondence.
> I've tried batching Scrip #1, but there is no effect.
> What I'd like to have RT do is add the comment first, then resolve the 
> ticket, but it appears to resolve the ticket then add the comment.
> Anyone have any ideas how I can maintain the intended functionality of 
> Scrip #1 (as a contest mechanism) while allowing users to resolve 
> their own tickets via the SelfService?
> -Eric
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