[rt-users] windows installation

David Hammond dhammond at learnedsolutions.com
Tue Dec 13 22:07:17 EST 2005



I have a windows 2000 server with the windows port of RT-3.0.12 installed.


I use a qmail/mysql hosted service. 


I am having some problems getting fetchmail working correctly. I am getting
this error:


Fetchmail: MDA returned nonzero status 75


(it authenticates with my mail server and can also see that there are 'x'
messages waiting in the queue)


I've browsed the historic mailing lists and followed the suggested fixes
which were:

Installing cygwin, copying the cygwin.dll to the fetchmail directory and
also created a user folder for cygwin. 


(I was originally getting status 127 errors but the install of cygwin fixed


I have restarted the services as well as rebooting the box. 


Any ideas? 






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