[rt-users] Comment on Resolve, rather than Reply on Resolve?

Nathan Oyler noyler at khimetrics.com
Wed Dec 14 17:43:27 EST 2005

My users complained about receiving two emails once a ticket was
resolved as well (after editing resolve to default to reply)

Instead I've undone that change, and added this bit of code into the
resolved template.

 my $resolution_comment;
 my $Transactions = $Ticket->Transactions;

 $Transactions->Limit( FIELD => 'Type', VALUE => 'Comment' );
 $Transactions->OrderByCols (
               { FIELD => 'Created',  ORDER => 'DESC' },
               { FIELD => 'id',     ORDER => 'DESC' },

 my $CommentObj = $Transactions->First;
 if( $CommentObj && $CommentObj->id ) {
   $resolution_comment = $CommentObj->Content;


Which works out quite well. I do wonder though if someone were to not
comment when resolving if it would grab a comment previous to that.
Either way, I'd like to setup a requirement for a comment to resolve an

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> I agree with the knob recommendation.  A lot of my users complain that
> they get two emails when a ticket is resolved.  I explain this is
> there are two different scrips, and that sometimes you will want to
> the status without making a comment/reply.  (But of course, users
> care why it doesn't work like they want, they just want it fixed.)  I
> thought about tweaking the scrips to get the desired result, but I
> have to replace the "on status change send reply" with two scrips, one
> that has an exception for if it is resolved, and replace the "on
> correspond" with two scrips.  Or maybe just tweak the latter to
> for the former.  Not sure, I hadn't tried to map it out, but it's not
> necessarily straightforward.
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> Resolve?
> I'm just conjecturing here, but in my mind there's two *standard* ways
> deal with the idea of ticket resolution.
> 1) Query: Ensure that the requestor is absolutely satisfied with your
> resolution (or acknowledges that you can't do any further work on it)
> close it when they respond.
> 2) Notify: Tell the requestor that you are done with the ticket and
> it in one fell swoop.
> I believe that bestpractical subscribes to the first notion.  That the
> requestor will send the final "It's working now." or "Thanks!" and
> you then resolve the ticket with no further correspondence.
> This avoids the problem of the second form where most likely you say
> solution is XYZ - I'm resolving this ticket now" and the requestor
> back with "thank you" and the ticket re-opens.
> The first is more verbose, however, and perhaps not in tune with
> system-administrator thinking "here ya go, have a nice life".  You can
> also end up with lots of tickets in wait-mode on user response.
> It would be nice if there was some sort of global RT_SiteConfig.pm
> like "ResolvePolicy" that would make things behave according to the
> established site policy.
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