FW: [rt-users] windows installation

David Hammond dhammond at learnedsolutions.com
Wed Dec 14 20:50:42 EST 2005

Error: Fetchmail: MDA returned nonzero status 75


When I first installed RT I created a test user with my own email address. I
fiddled for a while, everything was working great and I played around with
setting up some groups, assigning permissions etc. Once I was happy I then
went through and deleted the groups/users so I could start fresh. 

When I went to delete users though, there is no 'delete' button. You simply
open the user account and untick the box "let this user access RT" - there
was no other way to delete the user via the web interface. Anyway I then
created a number of other users/queues/groups. I went to test it by sending
an email to a queue using my original email address and fetchmail started
giving me that error. I then tried sending mail from my gmail account and it
submitted to the queue fine. So it appeared to be a problem with my email

So I went back into users, ticked the box "include disabled users" and did a
search - then I opened up my original test account, changed the email
address to dummy at dummy.com from my own address and fetchmail started to work

Reason being, that my user account, which wasn't actually deleted, had my
email address appended to it. As I had ticked the box "let this user access
RT", RT simply wouldn't accept emails from my email address because I had
revoked the right for it to send emails to RT. This then produced the
fetchmail mda 75 error. 

So chances are, when you were testing, you did the same thing. Check for old
users, either revive these user accounts, or make sure the email address in
them is not one which will be used.

(Original error description below)
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I have a windows 2000 server with the windows port of RT-3.0.12 installed.

I use a qmail/mysql hosted service. 

I am having some problems getting fetchmail working correctly. I am getting
this error:

Fetchmail: MDA returned nonzero status 75

(it authenticates with my mail server and can also see that there are 'x'
messages waiting in the queue)

I've browsed the historic mailing lists and followed the suggested fixes
which were:
Installing cygwin, copying the cygwin.dll to the fetchmail directory and
also created a user folder for cygwin. 

(I was originally getting status 127 errors but the install of cygwin fixed

I have restarted the services as well as rebooting the box. 

Any ideas? 


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