[rt-users] question on reporting

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Thu Dec 15 11:19:57 EST 2005

At Thursday 12/15/2005 10:49 AM, Jonathan Jesse wrote:

>What do you use for reports out of RT? For reports out of our banking 
>system, I can write queries and other reports with a product we have 
>(Cognos Impromptu) and assume thru an ODBC connection or something I could 
>connect to the database and generate the information I need and make the 
>reports a little prettier and easier to read then doing just printing a 
>query result from the RT web page.
>So how do you all generate reports for the boss? Or people interested?

Hello Jonathan

You can certainly point a reporting tool at the database, but the schema is 
a little hard to understand (as it is with many transactional DBs) and so 
you'd need to do quite a bit of studying before you could be certain your 
reports were showing what you wanted.

You could move some RT data to a data warehouse but that would probably be 
a sizeable project and would again require you to learn the RT schema 
fairly well.

A quick alternative is to use the spreadsheet download link that appears on 
the bottom of the search results page - you can get data into Excel and 
perhaps use Impromptu or whatever to make reports from that.

I'd be interested to hear what you decide.


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