[rt-users] SQL Querries in Scrips

Daniel Kercher daniel.kercher at web.de
Mon Dec 19 07:39:11 EST 2005

Am Sun, Dec 18, 2005 at 06:44:15PM -0500, schrieb Asif Iqbal:
> You can do it atleast in two steps
> rt ls -t ticket "queue='queue-name' and owner='owner-name'
> Then collect the ticket ids and run each one like this
> rt show -t ticket 12345
> Hope that helps
Thank you for the fast reply. But the mysql Querries should be done
in a rt perl script.
I could use the normal DBI function for this but I think it's easier
to take the FromSQL Statement.
Have anybody a link where I get the syntax or from which I get the
info via perldoc?

regards daniel

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