[rt-users] BUG: MySQL dump of database now attachments dont display

George Barnett george at alink.co.za
Tue Dec 20 05:18:34 EST 2005

George Barnett wrote:
> Is there any magic I need to do to dump/restore?
> I'm missing all the images - they're broken now.

For the Google cache (and anybody else backing up by mysqldump):

When doing a standard MySQL mysqldump (mysqldump -u -p rt3), the
Attachments table will be broken when reimported.  This will result in
broken or corrupted binary files, such as jpeg, tiff, etc.

Apparently, the change was made back in RT 2 from LONGBLOB to LONGTEXT
for case insensitive searching.

The solution to this is to add --compatible=ansi which will allow for a
usable MySQL backup of the database without borked binary attachments.



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