[rt-users] RTx installer and package system??

Kelly F. Hickel kfh at mqsoftware.com
Tue Dec 20 10:05:56 EST 2005

Yes, they are available on CPAN.  As I wrote earlier this month,
RTx::Statistics will also be on CPAN, once I have time to get it

I was hoping for a bit more feedback before putting it on CPAN, I think
there have been two people that let me know they're using it, one of
them is having problems, so at the moment, we're one for two, not so


Kelly F. Hickel
Senior Software Architect
MQSoftware, Inc
kfh at mqsoftware.com

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> > 	I wrote the phrase you're referring to, and I can tell you that
> > I specifically meant Module::Install::RTx.  The entire comment meant
> > that now the Statistics package was being built with this tool, and
> > distributed as are other RTx modules.
> and how are the others being distributed? Via CPAN?
> duncan

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