[rt-users] Database connections not closing

Pascal Lalonde plalonde at overnet.qc.ca
Tue Dec 20 18:46:13 EST 2005


I'm having a file descriptor shortage problem on a server that is
running RT. I don't think it is RT's fault, but probably one of
DBD* or DBI*, or mod_perl or another of RT's prerequisite. I thought
someone might be able to help me narrow my search down to the component
at fault.

Here is my setup:
- RT 3.4.4, using mod_perl (not FastCGI)
- OpenBSD 3.8
- perl v5.8.6
- Apache 1.3.29
- mod_perl-1.29p0
- PostgreSQL 8.0.3

- p5-Apache-Test-1.11
- p5-Cache-Cache-1.02
- DBD-Pg-1.43
- Apache-Session-1.80
- Apache-DBI-0.94
- DBI-1.48
- DBIx-SearchBuilder-1.26

Now the problem is that the connections to PostgreSQL are not closed
properly; they remain open. After some time, the system runs out of
available file descriptors.

# ps ax
21343 ?? I 0:02.97 postmaster: rt_user rt3 ::1(13111) idle (postgres)
32696 ?? I 0:01.61 postmaster: rt_user rt3 ::1(39447) idle (postgres)
27978 ?? I 0:02.44 postmaster: rt_user rt3 ::1(24086) idle (postgres)
18651 ?? I 0:02.30 postmaster: rt_user rt3 ::1(18178) idle (postgres)
2186 ??  I 0:01.29 postmaster: rt_user rt3 ::1(38913) idle (postgres)
28400 ?? I 0:01.82 postmaster: rt_user rt3 ::1(24840) idle (postgres)
9270 ??  I 0:01.74 postmaster: rt_user rt3 ::1(33224) idle (postgres)

# sysctl kern.nfiles kern.maxfiles

PostgreSQL almost uses them all:
# fstat | grep postgre | wc -l

Restarting Apache frees them all up, since all the processes that were
holding the SQL sessions are killed:
# apachectl restart
# sysctl kern.nfiles kern.maxfiles
# fstat | grep postgre | wc -l

Alternatively, killing a few httpd children frees descriptors
proportionnally. So there is no doubt that a web application is at
fault. And RT is the only web application running on that server.
Now like I said I don't think RT is at fault, but I need someone to
point me in the right direction. Where in RT's code are the connections
to the database closed (I'm not very familiar with perl) ? What
component would most likely be at fault here ? Would there
be a way to generate more logs about success or failure of database
disconnects ?

Knowing the broken component will allow me to file a bug report to the
appropriate person.

Any suggestions?


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