[rt-users] CC address not being read

Mike Richardson mike at remc1.org
Wed Dec 21 14:49:23 EST 2005

When you CC, you mean on the specific message you add a CC to them, 
right?  That is considered part of the 'Other' recipients, you have 
to have a script for that, and they are a one time CC, they dont' get 
added as a persistant CC for further messages (you have to add them 
under the People section to do that).

I had the same problem last week.  ;)

>When I send a ticket to RT, with a CC address specified, the CC 
>address is not being notified of correspondence.
>I have a scrip that should send the corr. Template to requestors and 
>CC's, but the CC's aren't getting it.
>If I look at the "People" section of the ticket, the CC address is blank.
>Any ideas? 
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