[rt-users] blank pages after statistics install

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at ucar.edu
Thu Dec 22 12:46:02 EST 2005

Rob Wilson wrote:
> I installed RTx – statistics on 12/21/05. Ever since then the results pages are 
> coming back blank. The home page also. Just logging in, this could happen. The 
> alternate lines with colors are coming back but no information.
> I then hit the home button again and the tickets will show up. We can reproduce 
> this consistently. I thought it was an Internet explorer problem but it has 
> happens in firefox also.

We also experience this after installing the Statistics package.  Happens in Mozilla&Firefox for us.  If you want a visual idea of the problem, a screenshot is at:


I looked at the HTML source, and it's all good, just that the <TD> cells have NO content in them.  Now, why i get the ticket *status* (open,new), but no other ticket content is strange.

My belief is that this data nullification problem happens ONLY when someone is *using* (or just used) the Statistics package (it's been stable for the past couple of days when noone used the tool).  It affects all users queries sporadically (i.e. refreshes may or may not cause the data to appear immediately, but it will eventually).  So, this appears to either be a global cache corruption problem, or perhaps my MySQL server gets overwhelmed and negative responses are silently dropped.  Nothing appears in rt.log (at debug level), but i haven't attempted to see if the MySQL server is complaining.

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