[rt-users] blank pages after statistics install

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Thu Dec 22 15:32:53 EST 2005

> So if it works, it's a Christmas present;
> And if it doesn't you can blame it on the Egg Nog?

In this case "It" is Jifty, our new Web application framework, complete
with automatic database setup and upgrade support, a clean new syntax
for model class definitions, AJAX support (with equivalent functionality
for non-AJAX browsers), support for continuations-based web programming
and a built in database admin UI.

We're using it for a "new thing" that's not quite ready for release yet,
but when I tried to create the second application (a wiki), it took me
about two hours (and less than 100loc) to go from 0 to Wiki.  We've
since refined things quite a bit. I'm pretty sure I could build the same 
thing on stage in < 10 minutes and 20 loc. ;)

Oh, and it comes with a pony.


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