Announcement RTx::Statistics 0.1.7 available (was RE: [rt-users] blank pages after statistics install)

Trey Breckenridge trey at ERC.MsState.Edu
Fri Dec 23 12:41:32 EST 2005

The 0.1.7 version has corrected the blank page problem for me.  Thanks
for the quick fix!

I am not experiencing the crashing problem with Ticket Trends by Day
that Rob Wilson pointed out.  However, the data presented by that page
is incorrect.  According to that page, the number of tickets created is
less than the number of tickets resolved -- which is obviously wrong,
unless I am misunderstanding the basic premise of the page.  As a
point of comparison, the Time To Resolve page does correctly show the
number of created tickets as equal to or larger than the number of resolved
tickets.  My guess is that the algorithm for calculating the number of
tickets created is wrong on the Trends page, but I haven't yet looked at
the code to verify that.

Also, the Multiple Queues page produces incorrect results when a status
of new or open is selected.  As best as I can tell, it is showing the
total number of tickets processed through the selected queue (since the
creation of the queue) instead of the number of new/open tickets on a
specific day.  Selecting a stalled/resolved/rejected/deleted status
produces the correct results.


On 12/22/2005 7:21 PM, Kelly F. Hickel wrote:
> OK,
>  I've put in the changes from Les, Todd and Stephen, I've test it with a queue named "test(paren)", and it seems to work.
> Hopefully this will fix those folks that are seeing the blank pages.
> Download from the usual place.
> -Kelly
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> DAMN.  I renamed the file but forgot to rename the variable.
> <sigh>
> OK, well, no promises, but I'll try to get out a 0.1.7 with this change
> in the next few days.......
> Watch this space.....

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