[rt-users] RT errors on search functions / a.k.a. tipsontrackingdown the source of errors in RT...

Duncan Shannon dshannon at techfluent.com
Thu Dec 29 09:25:01 EST 2005

I have now removed the Saved Search displays on the Home page (by
removing the quips from index.html (and resorted back to the orig
version) and my problems seem to have cleared up.

What is it with the Saved Searches that is going awry (especially all of
the sudden... nothing should have changed w/r/t my saved searches other
than the following to chances: 1) I added the text based priorities
(high/low etc) which I cant imagine affected the Saved Searches (and I
subsequently rolled the changes back assuming it didn't touch the DB)
and 2) I added a couple of saved searches that I think are pretty non
exciting, other than I am now using "LastUpdated < 7 days ago". Could
that be part of it?

I saw the thread on rt-devel

And it must be happening to a few people.

I'd really like to help out how ever I can (that applies to all things

Please I hope someone is reading this and can offer some advise on how
to fix my problem AND/OR how to help out with RT.


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