[rt-users] RT errors on search functions / a.k.a. tipsontrackingdown the source of errors in RT...

Duncan Shannon dshannon at techfluent.com
Fri Dec 30 13:22:14 EST 2005

> I don't believe the cause of this error (identified by the message
> "RT::Attribute::Name Unimplemented in RT::Attributes) has been
> identified - it seems to be somewhere deep in the code that retrieves

Hmm. Well, I guess im glad its not something dumb im doing. 

> A fix that we tried (suggested by Jesse) was to upgrade to the latest
> DBIx::SearchBuilder (we are now at 1.36) and to remove one line of
> from SB::Record->__Value:
>    $field = $self->_Accessible($field, "column") if
> $self->_Accessible($field, "column");

I will try this (saw it on the rt-devel list too) and report my success
or failure.

>guarantee a solution to the problem, so if you try it I strongly
> trying it on a test/devel setup first, and if you try it in

A question: is creating a tarball of the current $RTHOME enough to
create a good backup test these kinds of things? As I understand them,
they don't touch the DB etc.  (I don't have a dev. Box to run this on,
but I can easily stop/start apache and create tarballs!)

Thanks for your response... I appreciate it.


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