[rt-users] Running RT on Debian (Sarge)

Stephen Quinney stephen at jadevine.org.uk
Tue Jan 4 04:20:42 EST 2005

On Mon, Jan 03, 2005 at 05:19:29PM -0500, Kevin Murphy wrote:
> On Jan 3, 2005, at 4:41 PM, Quark IT - Hilton Travis wrote:
> >>Yes, and I'm sure not the only one. there're debian
> >>packages available running right away from "apt-get
> >>install request-tracker3" but I use apache 1.3 not
> >>apache2; might be at least a point to start.. I
> >>remember there were some problems with apache2.

I am not aware of there being any problems with apache2 currently.

> >Joel Johnson pointed out to me earlier that there's a
> >"request-tracker3.2" package for Sarge that would be more appropriate.
> >At least until 3.4 gets released, that is.  :)
> request-tracker3.2 is only in unstable/sid, not testing/sarge, though.

It is very easy to take the request-tracker3.2 package from sid and
put it onto a sarge box if you wish. All the dependencies will be
satisfied, you will just need to install rt3.2-clients along with it
using dpkg.

> I have successfully installed the request-tracker3 package (RT 3.0.12) 
> on debian sarge using the regular (1.3) apache package.  The install 
> was smoother than installing RT from source, which I have done a few 
> times on Mac OS X.  That being said, it seems that the debian install 
> could be automated a bit more (but maybe there are good reasons why it 
> hasn't been?)

The main reason the install/config process has not been more automated
with something like debconf is a lack of spare time. It's not too hard
to write a debconf script, it's harder to write a good one that doesn't
break anyone's system.

> I'd be psyched to use request-tracker3.2, but I'd rather wait until it 
> is in sarge.

My current plan is that request-tracker3.2 will never go into
Sarge. Once RT3.4 is out I will package and upload that and aim for
RT3.2 to be removed completely from the archive. There will be a
smooth upgrade path from 3.0 to 3.4 provided. That way I will still
only be maintaining two packages.

> The official package dependencies at debian.org indicate that 
> request-tracker3 can use either apache or apache2, but 
> request-tracker3.2 doesn't show the optional apache2 dependency for 
> some reason.

The request-tracker3 package depends on "apache | httpd" and apache2
satisfies the virtual package 'httpd' part. request-tracker3 is more
explicit about its dependencies.

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