[rt-users] Recurring Login Problem

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Wed Jan 5 16:15:25 EST 2005

At Wednesday 1/5/2005 04:02 PM, Jesse Vincent wrote:

> > I'm looking for ideas on a very strange problem. (This is on RT 3.2.2,
> > Oracle 9, fastcgi, solaris).

No, this is a non-ssl setup.

>Does it happen with lynx? Does lynx complain about cookies?

I forgot to mention this - lynx prompts me to accept/deny the rt cookie. If 
I choose "always accept", I can get around fine. If I choose "never accept" 
I have the same recurring login screen problem. I think the reason is 
different though. For the graphical browsers that I have the problem with, 
the cookie/session stuff seems to be working - I do get a session file with 
the name matching the cookie value - it's just that the user info is not 
there. Here's what one of these session files looks like:



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