[rt-users] squelching and unsquelching mail

Kevin Chen kchen at MIT.EDU
Thu Jan 6 01:53:26 EST 2005


I have RT 3.2.2 set up on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 system 
(specifically, Linux-Athena 9.3.16 for those of you MIT people).  It's 
running Perl 5.8.4, Apache 2.0.52, mod_perl 1.99_17, and MySQL 4.1.7.

For the most part it works fine, but I've run into one problem:

On the reply/comment page, there's an option for squelching mail at the 
bottom of the page.  Moving e-mail addresses from the "This message will 
be sent to" list to the "Messages about this ticket will not be sent to" 
list works perfectly fine.

However, if I try to re-enable e-mail delivery for multiple addresses at 
once, only about half of them actually change lists.  If I repeat with 
the remaining half of the addresses, about half of those move as well.

Any thoughts?

Kevin Chen

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