[rt-users] Recurring Login Problem

Ruslan U. Zakirov Ruslan.Zakirov at acronis.com
Thu Jan 6 08:28:41 EST 2005

I saw similar behaviour once if autohandler does some output to user 
before cookie work. May be you have some debug print commands in 

Stephen Turner wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm looking for ideas on a very strange problem. (This is on RT 3.2.2, 
> Oracle 9, fastcgi, solaris).
> The symptom is that you log in to RT, click on any link and you are 
> dumped back to the login screen. (Logging in again then puts you to the 
> page you requested).Every time you request a page, you have to go 
> through the login screen.
> I found the problem posted before, and people suggested playing with 
> browser cookie settings, but nobody reported the problem being solved. I 
> don't think browser settings are the answer - here's what I've learned:
> - the problem happens with these browser/OS combinations:
>      MSIE 6 - Win XP sp2
>      Firefox 0.9 - Win XP sp2
>      Netscape 7 - Win XP sp2
>      Mozilla - Solaris
> - the problem does NOT happen with Opera on Windows XP or Solaris.
> - The problem does not happen while connecting to other RT's we have set 
> up, including mysql, Oracle, mod_perl & fastcgi setups. That's why I 
> don't think the problem is a browser config problem.
> - Session tracking on the server is done with Apache::Session::File, and 
> for the problem connections, it appears that after login, the user 
> information is not being stored in the session file. This appears to be 
> the root of the problem, although I can't think why this would happen.
> - This may not be relevant, but I noticed that for problem connections 
> to the RT home page, autohandler seems to be called twice: once for 
> index.html, once for bplogo.gif. Successful (Opera) connections show 
> only a single call to autohandler, for index.html.
> So, any ideas?
> I'm particularly interested on hearing how the magic of storing the user 
> attributes in the session data is accomplished. And what might cause 
> this not to happen.
> Thanks,
> Steve
> Stephen Turner
> Senior Programmer/Analyst - Client Support Services
> Information Services and Technology (IS&T)
> sturner at mit.edu
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