[rt-users] Unable to convert MIME messages to ticket

Roland, Ryan M rmroland at indiana.edu
Thu Jan 6 18:08:09 EST 2005

Ok, after some in-depth investigation (as much as I can since I don't
know much about PERL's environment structure) I have made the following

- 	I'm installing this on Gentoo
-	Gentoo ebuild of RT (v3.2.1) requires MIME-tools ebuild >= 5.411
-	MIME-tools is considered stable (x86) at 5.415, so this version
is installed
-	MIME-tools has a dependency for another ebuild called
-	MIME-tools 5.415 requires MIME-Base64 v3.05 or greater
-	MIME-tools 5.411 simply requires ANY stable version of
-	Latest stable version of MIME-Base64 is just 3.00

-	MIME-Base64 v3.05 brings in a conflicting version of a module
which RT uses (didn't pin down which one, but suspect MIME::QuotedPrint
or MIME::Decoder::QuotedPrint)
-	New module overrides RT's expected module version, but it
handles things differently

-	RT 3.2.1 gets confused by unexpected structure/behavior and
throws a fit
-	This is all in the MIME parsing/decoding section, so plain-text
emails are not effected

I am playing around with rolling back to MIME-Base64 v3.00 and
MIME-Tools 5.11

Wanted to get what I have so far out there in case someone can
confirm/deny/explain what I'm seeing.

Let me know if there is anything else 

>MIME::Tools is 5.415

>>On Thu, Jan 06, 2005 at 04:36:33PM -0500, Roland, Ryan M wrote:
>>> First some system notes:
>>> RT 3.2.1
>>> Perl 5.8.5
>>> Apache 1.3.33
>>>  - mod_perl 1.27
>>> Postfix 2.1.5
>>> I am creating an instance of RT and when I send an HTML format
>>> to the box, I get the following error in postfix:

>>What version of MIME::Tools are you running?

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