[rt-users] RT 3.4.0 rc's not completing search queries oncustomfields?

Todd Chapman rt at chaka.net
Fri Jan 7 13:26:48 EST 2005

I'm not using it in production, but I have been thinking a lot
about a self-contained PAR usijng SQLite and standalone_httpd
for instances when a personal (or really small workgroup) RT
could be handy.

On Fri, Jan 07, 2005 at 12:34:47PM -0500, Jesse Vincent wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 07, 2005 at 11:17:50AM -0600, Roedel, Mark wrote:
> > 
> > As of 3.4.0 rc2, there's no schema.SQLite in etc/upgrade that would have
> > made this change.  (Although it does appear to be created correctly if
> > you're starting from scratch.)
> I've not yet found a single site using SQLite for anything other than
> testing/development hacking and SQLite doesn't support ALTER TABLE. You
> need to jump through much smaller hoops to make it go. If anyone is
> using SQLite in production and needs help upgrading, I'd be happy to
> work with you to prepare the script.
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