[rt-users] Re: RT 3.4.0rc3

Lance A. Brown lance at bearcircle.net
Sat Jan 8 21:56:15 EST 2005

Jesse Vincent wrote:
> I'm somewhat ashamed to announce the release of RT 3.4.0rc3.  This
> release features a retraction of comming 1976, as well as new tests to
> ensure that the particular errors caused by that issue never happen
> again. (Primarily ticket watcher and custom field searching were
> broken.)

Hey Jesse,

RT 3.4.0rc3 'make testdeps' says:

        DBIx::SearchBuilder 1.19...MISSING
                DBIx::SearchBuilder version 1.19 required--this is only
version 1.18 at (eval 55) line 2.

I have rc1 installed and am trying to upgrade.  I used CPAN to install
the latest version, but it only has DBIx::SearchBuilder 1.18.  Is CPAN


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