[rt-users] RT tuning problems

Tomas A. P. Olaj tomas.olaj at usit.uio.no
Mon Jan 10 04:44:55 EST 2005

On the marvelous Thu, 6 Jan 2005, Ruslan U. Zakirov wrote kindly to me ...

> > Thanks, all You people for helping!
> >
> > We run RT3.2.1 (not sure if RT3.2.2 has better performance) and
> > DBIx::SearchBuilder 1.16, and still have problems with long history
> > tickets.
> Here you should start Debug&Profile:
> http://wiki.bestpractical.com/?Debug
> >
> > As for now, we greatly appreciate all responces and help, and our
> > conclusion from the latest responses is that the problem is RT itself
> > (the latest stable release)?
> Upcoming 3.4 series are a *lot* faster. You can copy you current setup
> and upgrade it to 3.4.0rc1 and see how it works for you.

Will our own local adjustments affect/conflict with the release 3.4.0x?

<http://www.usit.uio.no/it/rt/modifications.html> We're dependent on a
stable release in production. What kind of speed problems are other
universities dealing with?

> > Is it faster to run FastCGI or modperl? We are currently testing to find
> > the optimal Apache dist to run.
> Autrijus said latest mod_perl2 and FastCGI works at the same speed, but
> MP2 has lower memory usage.

We haven't had any technical problems running Apache 2.x and mod_perl
1.99.x, although Best Bractical strongly recommends Apache 1.3.x. We are a
bit worried if there are some speed problems due to the Apache versions we
are running, and something to do with the warnings BP has issued in their
install-readme file.

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