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Bastian Friedrich bastian at bastian-friedrich.de
Mon Jan 10 08:32:50 EST 2005

Hi again,

On Tuesday 07 December 2004 11:30, Bastian Friedrich wrote:
> our RT handles Tickets for approximately 40 users and 6-8
> maintainers; thus, traffic is quite low. Daily statistics are more or
> less useless, as single requests lead to large peaks in the graphs...

As I did not get any answers to my posting, I wrote my own statistics 
script, YaRTS ("Yet another RT Stats"). It provides quite basic, but - 
for us - the most important information. These are:

    * number of tickets per month
    * number of tickets per year
    * total number of tickets
    * average number of tickets per month (yearly and total)
    * average ticket resolution time per month
    * average ticket resolution time per year
    * total average ticket resolution time

YaRTS is written in PHP (thus not integrated in RT at all) and works on 
RT's mysql database (i.e. only usable if your RT works on a mysql db).

You can catch a glimpse on a screenshot or fetch your copy of YaRTS at
or directly download the script at

Feel free to send any enhancements, requests or comments!

Thank you,

 Bastian Friedrich                  bastian at bastian-friedrich.de
 Adress & Fon available on my HP   http://www.bastian-friedrich.de/
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