[rt-users] Groups/Members.html slowing RT to a halt

Raed El - Hames r at elhames.co.uk
Thu Jan 13 06:07:07 EST 2005

Hi there;

Displaying Admin/Groups/Members.html takes around 4->5 minutes , during that
time the server CPU usage is at 99% , and RT slows to a halt, anyone else
have this problem and is there a fix or work around ? I am thinking of
splitting Members.html into Users section page and another for the Groups..
The machine has 3G CPU 1G RAM, OS Gentoo,perl 5.8.4, DBIx_1.16 apache
2,RT-3.2.2, total users of around 10000 of which around 700 privilege users,
and around 35 groups ..

Many thanks


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