[rt-users] ShowNavigation broken in 3.2.2?

John Stoffel john.stoffel at taec.toshiba.com
Thu Jan 13 16:43:06 EST 2005

I've got a fresh install of RT 3.2.2 on FedoraCore 3, running httpd
2.0.52-3.1, perl 5.8.5, using mod_perl.  Everything works, but I'm
having trouble with turning on the 'ShowNavigation' feature in the
Element MyRequests (or any of the Elements for that matter).

I've copied MyRequests from
/var/lib/rt3/share/html/Elements/MyRequests to
/var/lib/rt3/local/html/Elements/MyRequests and changed the one line
with ShowNavigation from a '0' to a '1'.  

The main page shows up just fine when I reload it in the browser, but
when I click on the link, I get the following:

The requested URL /Order=DESC&Query=Owner = 'Nobody' AND ( Status = 'new' OR Status = 'open')&Rows=10&OrderBy=Created&Page=2&Format='<a href="/Ticket/Display.html?id=__id__">__id__</a>/TITLE:#', '<a href="/Ticket/Display.html?id=__id__">__Subject__</a>/TITLE:Subject', QueueName, ExtendedStatus, CreatedRelative, '<a href="/Ticket/Display.html?Action=Take&id=__id__">Take</a>/TITLE: ' was not found on this server.

The interesting thing is that the Link I clicked on is:


But the link at the top of the MyRequests section seems ot have:


So I wonder if the way the Query is put together when the
ShowNavigation is turned on is broken somewhere?  Could there be an
issue with the Elements/TicketList code?  

    my $prev =  $m->comp('/Elements/QueryString',
			 Query => $Query,
			 Format => $Format,
			 Rows => $Rows,
			 OrderBy => $OrderBy,
			 Order => $Order,
			 Page => ($Page-1));

So it looks like I need to put in some code to include the PATH to the
"/Elements/SearchResults.html?" target, to base the query upon.  I see
that QueryString is just a filter to encode the arguements, but
wouldn't they already be encoded properly, since it's part of the RT
generated URLs?

I'm going to keep poking at this, I'll probably come upwith a solution
about 2 minutes after I send this problem report in...


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