[rt-users] changing status/owner via email

Elaine . cmap_sec at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 14 04:44:01 EST 2005

I was asked for what I had put in the scrip (I gave
the url to save clogging the list for those who could
help, but what the hey, heres what i did )

 "set up ours so that it's controllable via headers:
RTC-Set-Owner: whoever
RTC-Set-Status: resolved

You use scrips to do it. Set one to "On Correspond"
and then:

Action preparation:


Action cleanup:

my $header = 'RTC-Set-Owner';
ne '')

$header = 'RTC-Set-Status';
ne '')


I'm using RT 3.2.2 and nothing happens when I do the
above and from the log its not looking at my scrip
that has this. Can anyone verify this works on 3.2.2
or suggest another way to change owner/status via
email ?

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