[rt-users] RTFM - Database Schema

Ben Butler ben.butler at c2internet.net
Fri Jan 14 07:46:27 EST 2005


I am running Debian sarge / apache 2 / mysql.

RT is all installed and working fine.

Installed RTFM by doing an apt-get

Restarted apache

And I now have the RTFM item in the menu, so all looks good.

However when trying to create a class I get an error:

RTFM Error     
Internal Error: Couldn't execute the query 'INSERT INTO FM_Classes
(LastUpdatedBy, SortOrder, Created, Name, Description, Creator, LastUpdated)
VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)'Table 'rtdb.FM_Classes' doesn't exist  

Upon investigation I discover that the table does not exist in the database.
I suspect that it has not created the database schema for any extra tables.

Is it possible to run something to initialise the database for the extra

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