[rt-users] RTFM access via SelfService access?

Daniel Porowski dporowski at myrio.com
Tue Jan 18 18:58:07 EST 2005

Much appreciation for the help on my earlier question, first.

I'm attempting to add RTFM into the SelfService view (as well as a few
additional tabs) and am running into a few issues.

I'd like to keep it fairly restricted, since we'll be using the SelfService
page as an access point for external users, so the more limited the better.
In this regard, it's already perfect, but what I've seen in examining the
differences between the full Tabs configuration used in the main RT/RTFM and
the SelfService config leads me to believe it's structured a good bit
differently, and I'm just missing how to make it work.

What's got me stuck is getting RTFM to work on the page without going for
broke, copying the config/code in the RT Tabs element, and using all the
callbacks, etc it allows.  I've tried just setting up one callback in the
SelfService Tabs code, but I think I'm missing something crucial--and
probably blindingly obvious.  As well, doing it without the callback, just
pointing it to /RTFM in a similar manner to the other links in the
SelfService Tabs config just does essentially nothing other than make an
attractive, nonfunctional link on the left side where I wanted it to go.

Anyone found a good way to do this without opening up the SelfService page
to the rest of the full RT functionality?

(Also, er...  A link in the tab to redirect to an external site/other URL...
I did it once, deleted my changes, and now have no idea how I did it, since
what I thought it was clearly isn't.  I can get the tab, etc, etc, but I've
no idea anymore how I made it redirect like that.  Pity on me, anyone?)


Daniel Porowski
dporowski at myrio.com

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