[rt-users] RT Wiki: How to remove spam correctly

Andy Harrison aharrison at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 14:40:53 EST 2005

To fix a spammed page, *DO NOT* edit the contents of the wiki page. 
I'm noticing folks are just editing the text and deleting the spam
portions, then saving the page.

Keep in mind that the spammers are often destroying some of the
existing content of wiki pages.  Simply wiping out the spam does not
restore any of the deleted content.

Instead, click "Revisions" and cycle through "Previous" revisions
until you find the last good version without spam.  Click Edit.  Click
Save.  Done.

If the spamming bastards have put content in that lobotomizes kwiki
when it tries to display it, you need to construct your links

As Jesse previously instructed:


Give it the appropriate page_name.  The -1 is the last revision before
the current version, but you can also specify -2 to go the one before
that since the previous version is often spammed as well.

After you construct the link and find the last good revision, do the
same thing.  Edit.  Save.  Done.

Andy Harrison

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