[rt-users] Re: Keeping the Microsoft Outlook users happy

Michael Brown brown_m_k at yahoo.ca
Thu Jan 20 10:17:42 EST 2005

Jesse Vincent wrote:
>>What would be *really* nice is to have RT send out emails that have the
>>specially crafted URL that you cliek on and have the appointment entered
>>automagically into your Outlook calendar.  This would be sooooo nice -
>>save the possibility of mis-typing it and the silliness that ensues.
> Got a pointer to a spec for that URL format?

Why bother with just Outlook specific?  Why not just send a vCal 
attachment with the e-mail?  Outlook supports vCal, as do most other 
calendaring packages (Palm Desktop, Notes, Mozilla Sunbird, etc...)

The more clients... the merrier!


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