[rt-users] problems writing a ScripCondition: On Merge

Justin Larue jlarue at commpartners.us
Thu Jan 20 16:31:42 EST 2005

I'm trying to write a scrip condition that will trigger on the merge of
a ticket.  (The problem I'm solving is that our internal people
frequently get confused looking for tickets they thought they requested,
but which got merged into another ticket; an email to them on the merge
of the ticket would solve thse issues.)

I've determined that the description of the "Merge" transaction is
"Merged into ticket #xxx by yyyy" (in this language, anyway), and the
type of transaction is AddLink.  I tried the fairly unsophisticated
custom condition:

return undef unless ($self->TransactionObj->Description =~ /^Merge/);
return 1;

but it doesn't trigger, and the Template doesn't seem to get quite the
same things as the Condition does.  (The wiki suggested I could put
$TransactionObj->Whatever in the template, but that doesn't actually
work; it gives an error like "Can't call method "Type" on an undefined

I'm familiar with Perl, but not so much with the layout of RT at this
point.  Suggestions on where to look for the 'right' way to do this?


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