[rt-users] Best way to implement workflow

Barnacle Bob barnaclebob at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 09:18:11 EST 2005

Hello all.
    I am wonder what your oppinions are on imlimenting this work flow.
 Basically request comes in and needs aproval from administrator when
approved it moves on to secretary and then its handed off in physical
form for it to be taken care of (transportation) once done sec1 adds
some data to the ticket and sends it off to accounts to be paid and
then finally resolved.  I have thought of 2 different ways of
approaching this problem.  the first is to have each step a seperate
queue so it would move between them.  but the lack of being able to
use global custom fields (and being able to dissable them on a queue
basis for our other stuff) makes it so i would have to either move
around the data in the custom fields to custom fields in the other
queues or collate all the custom field data into a transaction on the
ticket before moving it.  This seems acceptable.  The other way would
be to have it all in the same queue and depending on who resolved the
ticket re open it and assign it a new owner.  This would make it so
the custom fields will work well without any complex script.  Both of
these seem like perfectly acceptable solutions to me and i was
wondering if any one else had any input on this.  Thanks in advance
for any thoughts you might have.

-Karl Pietri
LAN Tech
Northview Public Schools

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