[rt-users] Missing MySQL files???

Ruslan U. Zakirov Ruslan.Zakirov at acronis.com
Fri Jan 21 14:57:33 EST 2005

Jeff Holst wrote:
> RT 3.2.2
> MySQL 4.1.8
> Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0
> I've setup RT3 and the application seems to run fine ( I can access, 
> login, and use it via the web interface.)  When I try to backup my 
> database the backup software complains "Failed to get 3 table files for 
> table: ACL"  I've confirmed that my /var/lib/mysql/rt3 directory does 
> only contain ACL.frm and NOT ( ACL.MYI and ACL.MYD )  This is true for 
> all the tables except "sessions" which contains all three files.
> My question is, have my RT tables been setup incorrectly?  Other 
> databases on my system have .frm, .MYI, and .MYD files for every table, 
> but my instance of RT3 does not.  What did I screw up?
You use backup software for MyISAM mysql tables, RT uses InnoDB for all 
tables except sessions.

> Thanks,
> -jeff
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