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Caleb Peters caleb at earnware.com
Fri Jan 21 18:05:28 EST 2005

Hello all,


I've searched through the list archives and found some information regarding this issue and was able to hide the Configuration Tab based on a users global rights which was fine for the time being, but now I come to my challenge/question. What I need the system to do is look at the group rights of a user and give them access to the Configuration Tab and I can't seem to figure this out. Let me give a little background


We plan on using the system for multiple groups of people accessing RT. We have set it up so that group X can admin group Y and group A can admin group B. What we don't want is group X to be able to admin say group A and vice versa. So I don't want to give any global group admin options but that seems to be about the only way I can and still hide the configuration tab using the code supplied in the FAQ. 


Right now our code is as follows:


if ( $session{'CurrentUser'}->HasRight(Right => 'AdminGroup',  Object => $RT::System) ) {
                   $basetabs->{'L'} = { title => loc('Configuration'),
                         path => 'Admin/'


Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks in advance. 

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