[rt-users] RT External authentication

Francisco Javier Martínez Martinez fjmartinez at csi.uned.es
Tue Jan 25 08:55:21 EST 2005


I had installed and configured RT 3.2.2 + Apache 2 + mod_perl in a Fedora 
Core 3 box.

I had been playing  a lot with the program creating queues, users, etc ... 
and I was wondering if it is possible to install an external authentication 
method, this is because I had notice that when an external user for first 
time sends a mail to the rt system, a new user is generated, using as user 
name the mail addres, but if this user wants to access via web to the see 
his request or reuests, there is not an autogenerated password, only if I 
grant access and set a password this user could interact with the system 
via web.

I had an external radius system where is stored both email addresses an 
passwords, and I wanna know if it is possible that the RT could use this 
radius server as authentication server. Any ideas or documentation would be 
very appreciatted.

Thanks in advance.

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