[rt-users] PAM Auth?

Brett Harris rt at bharris.f2o.org
Tue Jan 25 12:08:50 EST 2005

Here is the way I would optimally like it to look.

Group A, Admins, can see all requests, run reports, re-assign requests,
and what not.

Group B, tech support staff, can see unassigned requests and requests
assigned to them, but not everyone's requests.

Group C, everyone else.  Create requests and see own requests.

Will RT recognize users and groups pulled from AD and allow you to set
permisions in this way?  Do you have to setup each user?  Will the users
show up automatically in the admin interface, or is there something
special I would have to do?


Todd Chapman said:
> Setup APache to use PAM and then setup RT to use Apache for auth.
> -Todd
> On Tue, Jan 25, 2005 at 10:41:10AM -0500, Brett Harris wrote:
>> I need to setup a request tracking system that can authenticate agains
>> our
>> AD domain.  We are currently using winbind/PAM on a number of linux
>> systems for authentication, providing a large number of variable
>> services
>> all utilizing the same login info.  Can RT be setup to use PAM?
>> Thanks,
>>   Brett
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