[rt-users] Deleting users

Sheeri Kritzer sheeri.kritzer at tufts.edu
Tue Jan 25 13:35:27 EST 2005

(Hi Tom!)

Unfortunately, there's no easy way, and RT's structure is set up so that 
actually deleting anything isn't recommended (I'm sure they're working on making 
cascading deletes and other such happy data integrity insurance policies, but 
it's not there yet).

It's not recommended to delete stuff.  Most of the answers I've gotten through 
the years has been, "but why does it matter?  Is it impacting performance?" etc. 
 People have come up with scripts to delete tickets (keep in mind there are no 
officially sanctioned delete scripts), because it does impact performance to 
search a huge database of tickets. . . 

Although if you find an answer, let me know -- we'd love to use it.  What we've 
done, which is what I gather most have done, is disable the user, find all the 
tickets they owned/created/etc, and reassign them.  Not much of a help, I know, 
but there ya go.

-Sheeri Kritzer
Systems Administrator
University Systems Group
Tufts University
sheeri.kritzer at tufts.edu

Quoting Tom Limoncelli <tal at whatexit.org>:

> (We're running RT 3.0.11)
> How does one delete an user from RT?  I know that we can uncheck "Let 
> this user access RT", but that just disables the account.  We have a 
> number of "accounts" that I want to delete... completely remove from 
> the system.  For example, spammers that have sent to our email address, 
> and so on.
> (We've been putting off upgrading to the latest RT for unrelated 
> reasons, but is this easier to do in newer releases?)
> Thanks in advance,
> Tom
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