[rt-users] Re: Install on Fedora Core 2

brian mccabe thealbs at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 28 04:03:05 EST 2005

Yes - I had the same problems earlier this week - on
FC3 though.

They are two separate issues. One at a time..

The MIME::Entity one needs an updated version of
MIME::Base64 (version 3 if I remember rightly). The
CPAN dependency check brings in an earlier version of
5 of the tests fail. To fix this one I typed:

$ perl -MCPAN -e'install MIME::Base64'
$ perl -MCPAN -e'install MIME::Entity'

...and it worked fine.

The Mechanize one was a real pain to get around -
especially as I know very little about these type of
modules. The problem is that the TEST part of the
install fails because it tries to validate the module
against the content on the google web-site.
Unfortunately, google web-site appears differently
depending on where you are in the world. As I am in
the UK, I receive slightly different content from
someone in the U.S...and so on. Hence, the tests fail
because they receive the wrong content. There are
patches available for this but I couldn’t find how to
install/use them!

To fix this, I manually amended the files (three of
them in total) which ship in the Mechanize packages so
that they received the correct pages. To do this it
was a series of trial and error. In the log you see
errors of the format "filename: expected
google.com/about received google.co.uk/about". I
simply changed the filename: that was making this
check to have them matching.

Looking back this was probably a long-winded way of
fooling myself. I think you could actually install the
module and omit the test phase of the install. Can't
remember the exact syntax but it would be something

$ make Makefile.PL

$ make install

(missing the 'make test' stage which normally sits
between the two commands)

I'm sure someone who knows a bit more about how these
things work under the covers can give you a more
precise answer on what is going on here. It does work
if you do this however!!

Hope this helps


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> Hello,
> Seems there are still some problems installing on
FedoraCore 2.
> I used the document :
> But still some modules do not get installed because
of errors :
>          MIME::Entity 5.108...MISSING
>          WWW::Mechanize ...MISSING
> These modules are not installed because of test
> As mentioned in the WiKI, I had to install
Log::Dispatch mannually 
> with CPAN.
> Does someone know what to do ?
> Thanks.
> Jean-Michel BARBET
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