[rt-users] PAM Auth?

Anton Ivanov ai1 at ipaccess.com
Fri Jan 28 08:54:42 EST 2005

There are two parts to your problem

1. Authenticating users via the web interface. Dunno about AD, we do it 
with LDAP and external auth and it is relatively easy.

2. Authenticating users via the email interface and recognising them as 
valid users. This one is hard, because the user Joe.Smoe may have an 
email of Joe.Shmoe, jsmoe, js1, SuperMan or whatever else you like. You 
need a replacement for the RT::Interface::Auth::Mail module that reads 
all mail aliases from somewhere (AD?) and resolves a Joe.Shmoe to his 
real UID - jsmoe.

Once this is done you can easily setup users to be autocreated as 
unprivileged via the mail or web interface. After that you go in 
manually and add them to the admin group for the relevant queue.

The hard part is 2. I had a module working for 3.0/NIS which no longer 
works under 3.2 and I have not had the time to sort it out.


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